MES RK Documents


Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”

State Program of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019

State Compulsory Standard of Higher Education

State Compulsory Standard of Postgraduate Education

Model Curricula for Programs

Qualification Requirements Imposed in the Licensing of Educational Activities and a List of Documents Proving Conformity with Them

Model Rules for the Activities Carried out by Higher and Postgraduate Education Institutions

Rules of Organisation of the Teaching and Learning Process Based on Credit Technology

Model Admission Rules (Higher Education)

Model Admission Rules (Postgraduate Education)

Rules of the Transfer and Reinstatement of Learners by Types of Education Institutions

Rules of Providing Academic Leaves to Students of Education Institutions

Model Rules of Conducting Current Control of Learning Achievements, Interim and Final Attestation of Students

Rules of Organization of the Teaching and Learning Process Based on Distance Learning Technologies

Rules of Organization of International Cooperation by Education Institutions

Rules of Awarding Educational Grants in Higher Education

Rules of Awarding Scholarships Established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Rules of Awarding, Payment and Amount of State Scholarships for Students of Education Institutions

Regulation on Academic Methodological Associations at Higher Education Institutions

On approval of the rules of sending specialists to work, granting the right to self-employment, exemption from obligations in compulsory work by citizens from auls (rural areas) enrolled within a quota to study pedagogical, medical and veterinary programs, as well as citizens enrolled as grant-holders in pedagogical and medical programs (Bachelor's and Master's programs, internships, residency) and PhD programs, and amendments and additions to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 58 “On Approval of Rules of Awarding Educational Grants" dated January 23, 2008

External Evaluation of Learning Achievements

The Concept of Academic Mobility for Students of Higher Education Institutions

Rules of organization and conduction of professional practice and rules for determining the organization as a practice bases

Terms of conferment the degrees