The chairperson of the Republican movement of the public fund "Kazakhstan League Volunteers" Aisulu Yerniyazova invited students of Toraighyrov University to become full members of the league.

Activists conduct free English, German and Chinese language courses, and are engaged in landscaping - the directions of the volunteer institute are very diverse. The meeting is a great opportunity to communicate with like-minded people, share ideas, and of course, talk about achievements and new projects.

We recall that 2020 is declared the year of support for this movement in Kazakhstan behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K. Tokayev.

In this regard, by the decision of the academic council, each teacher, employee and student can devote 4 hours a week to implementing such projects as disseminating information, preparing and conducting public campaigns, working with children and more. Volunteer experience is taken into account even when hiring.

Also, at the university there is a school of volunteers that organizes and promotes this area and trains activists.