History of the Department

The Department of Mathematics and Informatics was established due to the reorganization of the Department of Mathematics and Department of Informatics and Information Systems on February 10, 2014.

The Department offers the following Bachelor's degree programs:

1) 5В060100 Mathematics. Actuarial Mathematics. Academic degree: Bachelor of Natural Sciences.

2) 5В010900 Mathematics. Academic degree: Bachelor of Natural Sciences.

3) 5B060200 Informatics. Academic degree: Bachelor of Natural Sciences.

4) 5B070300 Information Systems. Information Systems in Economics; Information Systems in Engineering. Academic degree: Bachelor of Engineering and Technology.

and the following Master's degree programs:

6M060100 Mathematics

6M060200 Informatics

6M011100 Informatics

6M070300 Information Systems.

Members of the Department also teach classes in Computer Science for students of all programs, and such disciplines as Mathematics in Economics, Econometrics, Mathematical and Economic Modeling, Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Analysis, Algebra Basics, Analytical Geometry, Functional and Real Analysis, Higher Mathematics, etc. for the students of engineering and economic programs.

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, PSU Professor Gulzhan Sagidullayevna Dzharasova was elected the Head of the Department.

Currently, the head of the department is Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor of PSU Ospanova Nazira Nurgazyevna and work 30 lecturers, among them 2 doctors of pedagogical sciences (Drobotun B.N., Krivoruchko V.A.), 6 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences (Mukhtarov M.M., Pavlyuk I.I., Shintemirova G.B., Khamitov M.H., Tikhomirov Y.V., Segizbayeva R.O.), 4 candidates of pedagogical sciences (Ospanov. N.N. , Assainova A.Zh., Naimanova D.S., Dzharassova G.S.), 1 Associate Professor of PSU (Zakharova O.A.), 16 senior lecturers (Ismagulova N.M., Berguzinova T.M., Muhamedzyanova .N.I., Mashrapova G.N., Syzdykova A.T., Kudaibergen M.K., M.S. Kazangapova, A.O. Sadykova, Tenyaeva L.I., Belgibayeva S.A., Tokkozhina M.A.,Ulihina  Y.V., Alimova Zh.S., Dautova A.Z., Tkach G.M., Tokzhigitova A.N., ), 2 lecturers (assistant) (D.O. Zhaksybayev, G.A. Sarsembayeva). 


Head of the Department

Full name: Ospanova Nazira Nurgazyevna

Position: Head of Department

Scientific, academic degree: Candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Academic rank: Associate Professor of PSU

Education: higher,  "Semey" State University, specialty - Mathematics and Computer Science, 1996

Applicant NAE named after Altynsarin, specialty - 130002 Theory and a methods of education (computer science, informatization of education) 2009

Disciplines: taught Computer networks, designing  of information systems, theory and programming specifications, computer networks, Internet and multimedia technologies, information security and information protection.

Work experience: 21  years

  • Publications: over 70

Field of research: Methodological Fundamentals of to computer science.

Professional achievements: Certificate of advanced training "Fundamentals of distance learning technologies" Omsk (2013), certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright electronic Study guide for subject "Kompyuterlіk toraptar" (computer program) (2013) certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright electronic study courses for subject "Akparattyk kauіpsіzdіk zhane akparatty korgau" (computer program) (2013), letter of thanks of the University "Turan-Astana" for the scientific management in interuniversityompetition of scientific projects of undergraduates (2014)

Location of the Department:

Pavlodar, 64 Lomov St., S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, office A-408, tel. 8 (7182) 673646 (ext. 1120)



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