On the day before on the second floor of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Pavlodar State University it smelled of delicious homemade baking. At the last workshop, students and pupils of Pavlodar orphan home cooked pies, pancakes and buns.

In the common kitchen, the future food products technologist actively helped the pupils learn how to cut vegetables, knead dough and use the oven.

The girls began to cook pies with cabbage, potatoes and carrots .They liked baking pancakes the most, where they could show their imagination. Among the pupils there were those who wanted to go to study for cooks and to engage themselves with cooking.

The entire technological process was completed under the guidance of Batima Muslimova, senior lecturer of the Biotechnology department.

"Every child loves delicious baked goods. So it was not difficult to introduce children to home-baked products. The children are very assiduous, in addition, we are planning culinary fight in the near future", said Deputy Dean for educational work of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Candidate of Agricultural Science., Associate Professor Zhastlek Uakhitov.

This cognitive and amazing workshop completed with a friendly tea-drinking, where all the children were able to taste their own hand-made baking and treat their friends.