On the eve of the student creative association "Murager" presented the premiere of the performance "Songs of Mumkindik" to art lovers.

The director, the inspirator and the author of the play was the chairman of the "Murager" creative association Bakizhan Kakim.

The presentation touched upon serious philosophical themes of life and death, transience of time, responsibility.

Bakizhan Kakim spoke about how the performance was created:

- A lot of effort was spent on creating a full-scale production. With the students we took acting lessons from professional artists, asked for their advice, rehearsed for a long time, added new details to the outline of the play. The result of our joint efforts we have presented today to the audience".

The main goal of the organizers was the desire to highlight those issues that concern everyone, to make people think that life is only a moment, and every day, every act can be final before a meeting with eternity.

- We wanted to remind the audience that everyone has the last chance, the main thing is not to miss it in the everyday life", B.Kakim added.