A festival of humor once again assembled the best teams in Pavlodar.

 The "Sansara" team of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University  fought.for qualitative humor and the title of the winner

The students impressed the audience and jury with sparkling jokes, charisma and inventiveness. They joked on different topics delicately and memorably, having won the audience with keenly noticed miniatures.

As a result of the brilliant game, the "Sansara" team won first place, and its participant Zhalgas Gabdolla won the nomination "Mr. Club of the Funny and Inventive Cup".

According to team members, the game helps to uncover creativity, shapes the taste for good humor, provides an opportunity to overcome diffidence and find real friends.

The cheerful and inventiveness students once again reminded that a sense of humor and a good mood is a pledge of a happy, fruitful life filled with all colors.