"How to write a dissertation?" - this question was asked by graduates and doctoral students at a seminar organized by the Department of Science and Innovation of PSU.

Traditionally, the purpose of such seminars is the systematization of knowledge on the research methodology, the formation of initial images about the structure of dissertations and the planning of own experimental exploratory activity.

Deputy Dean for Scientific Work of the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Alexey Bogomolov gave a lecture as an expert.

According to Alexey Vitalyevich, the seminar centered around young scientists motivation and the need to exclude a formalist approach in scientific creativity.

"The seminar-training was based on the most important problems that each Master’s degree student faces during the creation of scientific work. Our task is to help avoid main mistakes and correctly organize an approach to creation a dissertation and scientific articles", - Alexey Bogomolov shared.

In addition, the discussion specified the issues of the relationship in the system "research advisor - young scientist - the family - the employer - the department". 

Participants with great desire took the opportunity to ask all their questions, noted the certain benefit of the seminar in forming the right course and mastering modern methods of writing a dissertation.