Educational Activities


The educational activities plan includes 6 main areas:

1. Patriotic education;

2. Legal education;

3. Sports and health education;

4. Spiritual and aesthetic education;

5. Environmental and historical education;

6. Labour education.

The following educational activities have been held in the current academic year in accordance with the educational activities plan: a meeting with G.M. Batalova, Chief Special Assignments Inspector of the Migration Police Office, Department of Internal Affairs of Pavlodar region, and A.K. Kairbekova, Head of the International Cooperation Department at S. Toraighyrov PSU (November 2014); lectures on the history of and Constitution of Kazakhstan by K.K. Battalov, Head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan (December 2014); meetings with S.M. Omirbayev, Rector of the University, members of the Health Center, Department of Educational Work and Social Affairs of PSU (November and December 2014); meeting devoted to nostrification of documents for foreign citizens (March 2015).

Students of the Division for Representatives of Kazakh Diaspora Living Abroad, Repatriates and Foreign Citizens take an active part in the social life of the University. 29 students are members of sport clubs and Student Philharmonic sections.