July 03 – 31 – documents submission.

The foreign language entrance examination will be held on August 10-15,2018.

The major field entrance examination will be held on August 16-20,2018.

till August 25 – enrollment.

Individuals who have finished professional training programs of higher education are eligible for entering Master's degree programs.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and stateless individuals entering Master's degree programs take the following entrance examinations:

- examination in the chosen foreign language (English, French, German, or Arabic for those who need proficiency in Arabic in their studies);

- in specialized subjects.

A person entering a Master's degree program must submit the following documents:

1) application addressed to the head of the organization;

2) a notarized copy of the document on higher education and 4 copies;

3) a notarized copy of one of the following certificates in language proficiency (if any):

English: Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Program (TOEFL ITP, the minimum score required is 460 points), Test of English as a Foreign Language Institutional Testing Programm Internet-based Test (TOEFL IBT, the minimum score required is 87), (TOEFL, the minimum score required is 560) International English Tests Systems (IELTS, the minimum score required is 6.0);

German: Deutsche Sprachprfung fur den Hochschulzugang (DSH, the minimum level required is С1), TestDaF-Prufung (the minimum level required is С1);

French: Test de Franзais International™ (TFI, the minimum level for reading and listening is B1), Diplome d'Etudes en Langue francaise (DELF, the minimum level required is B2), Diplome Approfondi de Langue français (DALF, the minimum level required is C1), Тest de connaisances de français (TCF, the minimum score required is 400).

4) personnel record card and a document confirming professional experience (if any);

5) 6 photos (3x4), a folder with strings and an envelope;

6) medical certificate on Form 086 (with the seal of drug, mental hospital) + copy, blood on RW, fluorography (original), a copy of the vaccination cards for those entering the full-time training;

7) copy of the identity card;

8) list of scientific and methodological papers (if any);

9) receipt of payment for testin;

10) a copy of a military service registration certificate or a military identity card.

Besides copies of the documents specified in this paragraph, an applicant must also provide original documents for verification of the copies. After the verification, the documents are returned to the owner.


There are 2 types of Master's degree programs:

Academic Master's programme - 2 years of study:

Educational path: Research and Entrepreneurial (StartUp- Master's programme);

Specialized Master's programme:

1 year of study: Applied and entrepreneurial (StartUp-MA);

1.5 years of study: the program SP IID 2


Codes and Names of Master’s Degree Programs Offered by PSU

No. Program Educational program
1 6М010300-Pedagogy and Psychology Get
2 6М011100-Informatics Get
3 6М011700-The Kazakh Language and Literature Get
4 6М020100-Philosophy Get
5 6М020300-History Scient., Prof.
6 6М020400-Culturology Get
7 6М020500-Philology (Kazakh) Get
8 6М020500-Philology (Russian) Get
9 6М020800-Archaeology and Ethnology Get
10 6М050100-Sociology Get
11 6М050200-Political Science Get
12 6М050300-Psychology Get
13 6М050400-Journalism Get
14 6М050600-Economics Get
15 6М050700-Management Get
16 6М050900-Finance Get
17 6М051100-Marketing Get
18 6М060100-Mathematics Get
19 6М060200-Informatics Get
20 6М060400-Physics Get
21 6М060600-Chemistry Get
22 6М060700-Biology Get
23 6М060800-Ecology Get
24 6М060900-Geography Get
25 6М070100-Biotechnology Get
26 6М070200-Automation and Control Get
27 6М070300-Information Systems Get
28 6М070900-Metallurgy Get
29 6М071200-Mechanical Engineering Get
30 6М071300-Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology Get
31 6М071600-Tool Engineering Get
32 6М071700-Heat Power Engineering Get
33 6М071800-Electrical Power Engineering Get
34 6М072000-Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances Get
35 6М072100-Chemical Technology of Organic Substances Get
36 6М072400-Technological Machines and Equipment Get
37 6М072700-Technology of Food Products Get
38 6М072900-Construction Get
39 6М073000-Production of Construction Materials, Components and Structures Get
40 6М073100-Life Safety and Environmental Protection Get
41 6М073200-Standardization and Certification Get
42 6М074500-Transport Construction Get
43 6М075000-Metrology Get
44 6М080100-Agronomy Get
45 6М080200-Live-stock Production Technology Get
46 6М090200-Tourism Get
47 6М090500-Social Work Get
48 6М091000-Library Science Get

Placement of the State Order in Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Master’s Degree Programs in the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Program’s code Program’s name TOTAL NUMBER OF GRANTS including grants for PSU including target grants Name of the organization including grants under the SPIID program including grants within the integration HEIs, RIs
6M010300 Pedagogy and Psychology          
6M011100 Informatics          
6M011700 Kazakh Language and Literature          
6M020100 Philosophy          
6M020300 History          
6M020400 Culturology          
6M020500 Philology          
6M020800 Archaeology and Ethnology          
6M050100 Sociology          
6M050200 Political Science          
6M050400 Journalism          
6M050600 Economics          
6M050700 Management          
6M050900 Finance          
6M051100 Marketing          
6M060100 Mathematics          
6M060200 Informatics          
6M060400 Physics          
6M060600 Chemistry          
6M060700 Biology          
6M060800 Ecology          
6M060900 Geography          
6M070100 Biotechnology          
6M070200 Automation and Control          
6M070300 Information Systems          
6M070900 Metallurgy 62      62     
6M071200 Mechanical Engineering          
6M071300 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology          
6M071600 Instrument Making          
6M071700 Heat Power Engineering          
6M071800 Electrical Power Engineering 3          
6M072000 Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances          
6M072100 Chemical Technology of Organic Substances 62      62     
6M072900 Construction 2          
6M073000 Production of Construction Materials, Products and Structures 1          
6M073100 Life Safety and Environmental Protection          
6M073200 Standardization and Certification (by Industry)          
6M080100 Agronomy          
Total: 208   84  124  0  0

Entrance examination program

Entrance examination program for 6M010300-Pedagogy and Psychology

Entrance examination program for 6M050300-Psychology

Entrance examination program for 6М075000-Metrology

Entrance examination program for 6M050900-Social Work

Entrance examination program for 6M090200-Tourism

Entrance examination program for 6М091000-Library Science

Entrance examination program for 6M011100-Informatics

Entrance examination program for 6M060200-Informatics

Entrance examination program for 6M070300 Information Systems

Entrance examination program for 6M060100-Mathematics

Entrance examination program for 6M060700-Biology

Entrance examination program for 6M060800-Ecology

Entrance examination program for 6M060900-Geography

Entrance examination program for 6M050600-Economics

Entrance examination program for 6M050900-Finance

Entrance examination program for 6M060600-Chemistry

Entrance examination program for 6M051100 Marketing

Entrance examination program for 6M020500-Philology (Russian)

Entrance examination program for 6M050200-Political Science

Entrance examination program for 6M050100-Sociology

Entrance examination program for 6M020100-Philosophy

Entrance examination program for 6M020400-Culturology

Entrance examination program for 6М050400-Journalism

Entrance examination program for 6М070200-Automation and Control

Entrance examination program for 6М071200-Mechanical Engineering

Entrance examination program for 6М072000-Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances

Entrance examination program for 6М050700-Management

Entrance examination program for 6М060400-Physics

Entrance examination program for 6М071600-Instrument Making

Entrance examination program for 6М072100-Chemical Technology of Organic Substances

Entrance examination program for 6М080100-Agronomy

Entrance examination program for 6М020300-History

Entrance examination program for 6М020800-Archaeology and Ethnology

Entrance examination program for 6М070100-Biotechnology

Entrance examination program for 6М070900-Metallurgy (SPIID)

Entrance examination program for 6М072400-Technological machines and equipment

Entrance examination program for 6М072700-Food Technology

Entrance examination program for 6М073100-Life Safety and Environmental Protection

Entrance examination program for 6М073200-Standardization and Certification (by Industry)

Entrance examination program for 6М074500-Transport construction

Entrance examination program for 6М080200-Cattle breeding goods production technology

Entrance examination program for-6М072100-Chemical Technology of Organic Substances (SPIID)

Entrance examination program for 6М072900-Construction

Entrance examination program for 6М071300-Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology

Entrance examination program for 6М073000-Production of Construction Materials, Products and Structures

State compuslory standard of postgraduate education



Bank details for payment:

The cost of the testing is KZT 4,200 (including VAT). Payments are to be made in JSC Halyk Bank

The MES of RK National Testing Center RSPE

010011 Astana, Pobedy av., 60

RNN 600300086081

BIN 000140001853

IIC KZ536010111000001515




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