In the university scientific-press center every three months are released the following journals: ‘Science and technique of Kazakhstan’, ‘Olketanu-local history’ and ‘Herald of PSU’ (according 7 series), the latter is recommended by Attestation and Oversight Committee in the sphere of science and education for publication results of doctoral theses. Circulation of one of issue comprises 300 specimens. Journals are spread in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS.

Scientific journal ‘Herald of PSU’ has been releasing since 1997, until 2001 had been releasing under the title ‘Scientific works of PSU’. Main thematic direction is coverage results of the scientific researches. The following series are included in the list of scientific editions:

- humanitarian (22.00.00. Socilological sciences)

- pedagogical (13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences)

- chemical-biological (03.00.00. Biological sciences, 02.00.00. Chemical sciences)

- energetics (05.00.00 Technical sciences)

- philological (10.00.00. philological sciences)

- physical-mathematical (01.00.00 physical-mathematical sciences)



 Rules for authors:

1. Copies of articles are accepted in duplicates, typed on one side of sheet of paper with sesquialteral basic line space, with margins 3 cm and diskette containing all information in text-based editor ‘Word 7,0’ (`97, 2000) for Windows’ (12 - point type, font –Times New Roman/KZ Times New Roman).

2. An article is signed by all authors. Total volume of copy, including annotation, bibliography, tables and pictures shouldn`t be more than 8-10 pages.

3. An article should be accompanied with review of Doctor or Candidate, for those, who have no academic degree.

4. Article must be arranged in accordance with the following rules:

- UDK according tables of universal decimal classification;

- title of article: 14 –point type, font – Times New Roman Cyr (for Russian, English and German languages), KZ Times New Roman (for Kazakh language), capital, bold, indent centered;

- author`s initials and surname, full name of department: 12 – point type, font Arial (for Russian, English and German languages), KZ Times New Roman (for Kazakh language), italic, left-right indent – 1 cm, single basic line spacing;

- text of article: 12 – point type, font - Times New Roman Cyr (for Russian, English and German languages), KZ Times New Roman (for Kazakh language), sesquialteral basic line space;

- bibliography (references and notes in copy are signed with continuous numbering and put in square brackets). Bibliography should be arranged in accordance with SS 7.1-84.- for example:


1. Author. Title of an article // Title of journal. – Edition year. – Volume (for example, V.26.). – Edition (example, №3.). – Page (example, P. 34. or С. 15-24.).

2. Аndreeva S.A. Book title. – Edition place (example, М.): Press (example, Science), edition year – Total number (example, 239 p.) or particular page (example, P. 67.).

3. Petrov I.I. Thesis title: thesis candidate of biological science. – М.: Name of institution, year. – Number of pages.

4. С. Christopoulos, The transmission – Line Modelling (TML) Metod, Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Press, 1995.

On a separate sheet of paper (in paper and electronic variants) should be mentioned information about author:

– Full name, scientific degree and academic rank, workplace (for publication in the section ‘Our authors’);

– full mailing address, official and home telephone numbers, E-mail (for contact of editorial office with authors, not published);

– article title and author`s in Kazakh, Russian and English languages (for «Соntent»).

5. Illustrations. List of pictures and captions should be presented separately and included into article. On reverse side of each picture should be indicated its number, title, author`s surname, article title. Pictures and illustrations on diskette are in format TIF with definition no more than 300 dpi (files with title ‘Picture 1’, ‘Picture 2’, ‘Picture 3’ etc.)

6. Formulas should be presented in Microsoft Equation (each formula – one object). Formulas having references must be enumerated.

7. Author looks through and endorsed proofs of article and responds responsibility for article content.

8. Editorial board does not concern with literary and stylistic editing of article. Copies and dikettes are not sent back. The articles, made with breach of rules, are not admitted to publication and sent back to authors.

9. Manual and diskette with materials should be addressed to address:

140008, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar city, Lomov str., 64.

Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraighyrov,

Press center ‘Kereku’ Tel. (8 7182) 67-36-69, fax: (8 7182)  67-36-69.