The history of the Faculty of Humanities and Education is closely linked to the development of research schools at its departments.

Originally established at the Pedagogical Institute, the Faculty of Humanities and Education is now a structural unit of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University. It offers high-quality training in the following programs:

  • 5B010300 Pedagogy and Psychology;
  • 5B090500 Social Work;
  • 5B050300 Psychology;
  • 5B011700 Kazakh Language and Literature;
  • 5B020500 Philology: the Kazakh Language;
  • 5B050400 Journalism;
  • 5B020500 Philology: the Russian Language;
  • 5B011800 Russian Language and Literature;
  • 5B010600 Music Education;
  • 5B040200 Instrumental Performance;
  • 5B021000 Philology: Foreign Philology;
  • 5B011900 Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages;
  • 5B020700 Translation Studies;
  • 5B011400 History;
  • 5B020300 History;
  • 5B020800 Archaeology and Ethnology;
  • 5B020400 Culturology;
  • 5В050200 Physical Education and Sports.

The Faculty offers the following Master’s degree programs:

  • 6M010300 Pedagogy and Psychology;
  • 6M090500 Social Work;
  • 6M050300 Psychology;
  • 6M011700 Kazakh Language and Literature;
  • 6M020500 Philology (Kazakh)
  • 6M091000 Librarianship;
  • 6M050400 Journalism;
  • 6M020500 Philology (Russian).
  • 6M020100 Philosophy;
  • 6M020300 History;
  • 6M020400 Culturology;
  • 6M020800 Archaeology and Ethnology;
  • 6M050100 Sociology.

There’s also Doctoral programs:

• 6D010300 Pedagogy and Psychology

• 6D020500 Philology


Based on Order No. 6/1-7/463 dated August 29, 2014, the Faculty was reorganized as a result of abolition of the Faculty of History and Law. 

The Faculty has 10 Departments:

- Department of Philosophy, Social and Human Disciplines, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, PSU Associate Professor M.Zh. Kozhamzharova;

- Department of the History of Kazakhstan, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor  Z.Zh. Mardanova;

- Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Philological Sciences G.Kh. Demesinova;

- Department of Foreign Languages, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Philological Sciences B.K. Zhumabekova;

- Department of Russian Philology, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Philological Sciences G.K. Shaikova;

- Department of Kazakh Philology, the Head of the Department is Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor N.K. Zhusip;

- Department of Performing Arts, the Head of the Department is D.M. Mergaliyev;

- Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor A.A. Kudysheva;

- Department of the Kazakh Language and Journalism, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor A.F. Zeynulina;

- Department of Physical Education and Sports, the Head of the Department is Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor Yu.A. Mastobayev.


Faculty Administration

Amergaly Ilyashevich Begimtayev is the Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Social and Human Disciplines, Candidate of Political Sciences.

He graduated from Pavlodar Industrial Institute in 1984 with a degree in Industrial Heat Power Engineering. From 1984 to 1990, he worked at Pavlodarenergo and Pavlodar State Experiment Station. He served in the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 1990 to 2003.

From 2004 to 2006, he worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer of the Department of History and Theory of State and Law. He was a Deputy Dean for Education from September of 2006 to 2008 and Deputy Dean for General Affairs starting from 2008.

He defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Political Sciences in 2010.

He published 5 study guides, 50 articles.


Tamara Yuryevna Bil, Vice-dean for Academic Affairs, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy, Social and Human Disciplines.

She has worked at PSU since 2006.

Tamara Bil regularly takes part in professional development courses. She has the following certificates: Elsevier Author Seminar on How to Get Published in Scientific Journals, Axiological Unity of Kazakh Culture and Philosophy, Application of Distance Learning Technologies in Educational Process, Topical Problems of Modern Philosophy, Kazakh Language: Records Management (Intermediate Level), Ethnogenesis and Ethnic History of the Kazakh People, etc.

Additional information: e-mail:


Gulbanu Aytmukhamedovna Kabzhanova - Vice-dean for educational work, Senior Lecturer  of the  Department of Foreign Languages

Academic degree: Master

Academic rank: -

Education: S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, English (2001); Master’s degree in 6М010300 Pedagogy and Psychology from S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University (2013)

Courses taught: English; Profession-oriented English; English (Professional)

Professional experience: 16 years

Publications: 20

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Field of research: education

Professional achievements: 5 study guides and teaching materials, 15 research papers; 10 certificates for participation in methodological workshops for teachers of foreign languages in the city and region


Mausumbayev Ryspek Saparbekovich - Vice-Dean for Research of Faculty of Humanities and Education, Lecturer (Assistant) of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy

Academic degree: Master of Education in "Psychology and Pedagogy"

Education: - higher, S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, 2013

- Academic Master's Degree, S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State Universit., specialty - 6M010300 "Pedagogy and Psychology", 2015

Disciplines taught: Zoopsychology, Developmental and Social Psychology, History of Psychology

Experience: 2 years

List of publications: 5 scientific publications

Field of research: Psychological basis of formation of national consciousness of the Kazakh Diaspora children in Russia

Additional information: 

2014 - 2015 years. - Academic mobility in the Baltic Institute of Psychology and Management, Riga, Latvia.


List of the accredited Bachelor's degree programs:

1. 5В010300 Pedagogy and Psychology;

2. 5В011700 Kazakh Language and Literature;

3. 5В011900 Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages;

4. 5В020500 Philology (Kazakh, Russian);

5. 5В020700 Translation Studies;

6. 5В021000 Foreign Philology: English, German;

7. 5В050300 Psychology;

8. 5В050400 Journalism.

9. 5В011400 History;

10. 5В020300 History.

List of the accredited Master's degree programs:

1. 6М010300 Pedagogy and Psychology;

2. 6М011700 Kazakh Language and Literature;

3. 6М020500 Philology (Kazakh, Russian);

4. 6М050300 Psychology;

5. 6М050400 Journalism.

6. 6М020100 Philosophy;

7. 6М020300 History;

8. 6М020400 Culturology;

9. 6М020800 Archaeology and Ethnology;

10. 6М050100 Sociology;

11. 6М050200 Political Sciences.



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